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Celebes Divers is a certified Climate-Neutral Company

We Are Climate-Neutral!

We have been aiming to reduce our carbon footprint for a while, for example by using more energy-efficient appliances. But running a dive resort includes some sources of CO2, that can not be replaced, like the fuel for our boats or for our generators on Siladen.

Therefore, we assessed the climate impact of our whole operation with the help of Climatepartner, which is a renowned organization that helps individuals and companies off setting their carbon footprint.

We can now proudly announce, that from summer 2019 onwards we are a certified CO2-neutral company! 

You can find the details of our climate neutrality under There you can also see, which projects we support to achieve CO2-neutrality.

To help us with future projects for the environment, we ask all our guests for a voluntary donation of 1€/day.

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