Snorkeling in the
Bunaken Marine Park

with Celebes DiverS

The Bunaken National Park is a snorkeler's paradise: All its reef tops are very healthy and full of colourful corals and fish. And at our resorts, snorkelers are very welcome and well taken care of.

Snorkelling in the bunaken national park

Our snorkeling guests of the Onong Resort and the Kuda Laut Boutique Dive Resort are taken care of by our dive and snorkeling center, which is located right between the two resorts. There we also have rental gear available for snorkelers.

Snorkelers can either enjoy our beautiful house reef, which is right in front of the resorts and one of the most beautiful snorkeling reefs in the Bunaken National Park. Or they can join the divers on the dive boats, to explore the other reefs of the marine park. We will then go to spots where diving and snorkeling are both great, and a snorkeling guide will always be with you, to point out interesting creatures and to ensure your safety. And if you are a larger group of snorkelers, you will get your own boat, of course.

Snorkeling Courses

We also offer professional snorkeling courses for those who want to become familiar with snorkeling. You can find more information here:

This course will give you an understanding of equipment and snorkeling techniques, and also of the protection of the underwater world.

Other SSI training programs that are very interesting for snorkelers are the SSI Ecology Programs (like coral and fish identification, marine ecology, etc.).

You can find more information on these programs here:

Snorkeling Etiquette:

Not only because we snorkel in a marine park but also because we want to protect the marine environment, the following rules apply to all our guests who are snorkeling:

  • We do not allow snorklers to wear gloves.
  • Don’t hold on to corals or sponges when snorkeling in currents or while taking pictures.
  • When taking pictures please also be aware of where you are putting your fins and your strobes.
  • Don’t walk around on the shallow reefs.

Additional information:

All snorkelers must necessarily pay the entry fee to the Bunaken National Marine Park. You pay it at the Resort.

Also for snorkelers, we strongly recommend that you purchase an insurance that covers you in case of accidents or illness during your stay with us.

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