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Land tours and other trips in North Sulawesi with us

North Sulawesi is a fascinating place to explore ...

Tour to the Tangkoko National Park

You start with a car drive of about two hours through picturesque villages and green landscapes. On the way, you will stop at a local restaurant for lunch. In the park, you will be guided by a forest ranger and you will search for typical fauna like the crested black macaque, the hornbill and the couscous. Around sunset you will continue into the inner parts of the forest, when the nocturnal tarsius, the world’s smallest primate, becomes active and the chances to spot it are high. After leaving the forest, you head back to the resort for dinner.

Guests from Siladen will stay one night at the Mapia Resort after the tour (this is included in the price shown below), as we don’t do boat transfers after sunset. 

Minimum: 2 persons (for single surcharge please check with management)

Duration: From 11 am to 8 pm

From the Mapia Resort – 1’475’000 IDR (children 853’000 IDR)
From Onong & Kuda Laut – 2’647’500 IDR (children 2’025’500 IDR)

Tour to the Minahasa Volcanoes

From the resort you head off to the Pasar Beriman. It is the biggest local market in the Minahasa area, selling everything that the people need. And because the people from Minahasa area eat everything (and we really mean everything) you may find some disturbing offers on the market. If you would like to avoid these areas of the market, please tell your guide.

After visiting the market, you get back in the car and drive up to the Volcano Mahawu. You will walk around the top, which takes about one hour and enjoy the great view of the small crater lake. Next stop is Tondano Lake where you will have lunch. During lunch you can enjoy the serenity of the lake and its surrounding hills. After lunch you head for another interesting lake, Lake Linow, which changes colors depending on its chemical composition. There we serve coffee and tea.

Afterwards you will visit the small village of Woloan where you can see how the traditional Minahasa-style houses are built. The last stop on the tour will be at the Buddhist Temple of Pagoda, the most important spiritual place for North-Sulawesi’s Buddhists. On the way back to the resort, you can ask the driver to stop at some souvenir shops.

Minimum: 2 persons (for single surcharge please check with management)

Duration: from 8 am to 4 pm

From the Mapia Resort – 1’055’000 IDR (children 775’000 IDR)
From Onong & Kuda Laut – 1’390’000 IDR (children 1’109’000 IDR)

Tour to the Kali Waterfalls

Just a short ride half way up the road to Tomohon you will discover a rural village and enjoy a scenic walk of about 2 km to the two waterfalls. Be ready for lots of windblown spray, as the force of the water is pretty intense, causing a mist that is covering everything and everyone. We advise wearing sneakers or hiking boots, as it can be quite slippery, as well as bringing a set of clothes to change. To get a perfect shot of the waterfalls you will go onto the little bridge spanning the river.

Minimum: 2 persons (for single surcharge please check with management)

Duration: about 5 hours, starting time flexible

From the Mapia Resort – 698’000 IDR (children 480’000 IDR)
From Onong & Kuda Laut – 1’032’000 IDR (children 814’000 IDR)

Tatempangan Hill View Point

Look down on the islands of the Bunaken National Park, the city of Manado and the lush nature of North Sulawesi. The view is especially beautiful at sunset and it is only a 20 minute car ride from the Mapia Resort.

Duration: 1-2 hours, starting time flexible

Minimum: 2 persons (for single surcharge please check with management)<

From the Mapia Resort – 390’000 IDR (children 240’000 IDR)
From Onong & Kuda Laut – this tour is only offered from the Mapia Resort

Romantic Sunset Boat Tour

A boat, a bar, a crew with a guitar and beautiful singing voices – that’s all it takes for a romantic boat trip into the sunset right next to the Manado Tua volcano.

A special sunset cocktail (or another drink) is included in the price, additional drinks are the same price as at the bar.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Minimum: 4 persons

From the Mapia Resort – this tour is only offered from the resorts on Siladen
From Onong & Kuda Laut – 390’000 IDR (children 240’000 IDR).

Manado City Tour

Explore the lively city of Manado with one of our guides, visit a market and a temple, and enjoy the vibe of this fascinating place.

You start the tour from the Mapia Resort by car. Our first stop is at the market. We walk through the colourful and fragrant vegetable and spices market and finally arrive at the fish market section. Here many auctions take place every day, selling all kinds of fish from the Manado area. Afterwards we reach the largest Chinese temple in town, perhaps the oldest and most interesting monument in Manado. The admission is free and it is allowed to take pictures, even from inside the temple. The next stop is at the North Sulawesi Provincial Museum for a brief historical overview of North Sulawesi. On display in the museum are costumes and handcrafts from the era prior to the colonial period. Before we return to the Mapia Resort, you can do some shopping, if you like, your guide can take you to art galleries and crafts or jewelry stores.

Duration: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Minimum: 2 persons (for single surcharge please check with management)

From the Mapia Resort – 1’032’000 IDR (children 814’000 IDR)
From Onong & Kuda Laut – this tour is only offered from the Mapia Resort

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